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F.R.E.S.H Integrated Circuits

Digital IP's for FPGA & VLSI

FRESH portfolio of Digital IPís is focused on the target markets served.

NorthWest Logic

NWL Interface Controller IPís are known for their small footprint, high performance, robustness and compatibility to the large variety of PHY's.
DDR1, DDR2 and DDR3 controllers and PHY interface
PCe1, PCIe2 and PCIe3

Digital Blocks

Embedded Processor & Peripherals
Display Controller, 2D Graphics, Display Link Layer
Video Signal & Image Processing
High-Speed Networking
Silicon-proven SystemVerilog / Verilog / VHDL IP cores for technology systems companies, bringing system-level expertise to each IP, thereby reducing the customerís development costs and significantly improving their time-to-volume goals.
eSilicon IPís

Ultra low power and ultra high performance custom SRAMs

CAMs Ė binary and ternary Ė recognized world leader
Multiport memories and register files
Flash memory compilers

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