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AIC (Analog Integrated Circuits) has developed new USB Power Switch line of products.

The switches are implemented in MOSFET technology, have RDS(on) lower than 70mOhm and are meeting the technical requirements of USB 2.0. The offer includes number of configurations: AIC1525; AIC1526; AIC1528; AIC1529.



Arizona Microtek has announced the release of AZP96.

A differential receiver without the input clamping networks, usually found on similar devices such as theAZ100LVEL16. This makes it especially useful as a buffer when input loading effects must be minimized.

The AZP96 provides a VBB output for single-ended use or a DC bias reference for AC coupling to the device. For single-ended input applications, the VBB reference should be connected to one side of the D/D differential input pair. The input signal is then fed to the other D/D input. The VBB pin can support 1.5 mA sink/source current. When used, the VBB pin should be bypassed to ground via a 0.01 ?F capacitor.



AnaFocus introduced the Eye-RIS v2.1.

To allow smooth custom SIS and VSoC development based on their latest innovative technology, AnaFocus introduced the Eye-RIS v2.1, powerful, fully-programmable, autonomous development system, capable of acquiring and processing images at very high frame rates, and to support decision-making based on the outcome from such image-processing.

Eye-RIS utilizes AnaFocus proprietary Smart Image Sensor (SIS) technology. Such technology provides this VSoC with image-processing capabilities and speed comparable to high-end conventional multi-chip vision systems.



eSilicon Corp. has licensed Avago Technologies Inc.'s 90- and 65-nm embedded SerDes cores.

The agreement allows eSilicon (Sunnyvale, Calif.) to offer these cores as part of its custom chip development solution. The cores support a broad range of industry standards such as PCI-Express, Fibre Channel, XAUI/CEI-6G, and XFI.
The cores are especially attractive for large backplane or long distance multichannel chip-to-chip applications

The SerDes cores are available immediately from eSilicon



Sunnyvale, Ca, GainSpan Wins the Applied Innovation Award for Business Excellence 2007.

GainSpan, an innovator in Wi-Fi sensor network technology, today announced that it has won the Product/Service Innovation Award - Runner Up at the first Applied Innovation Awards for Business Excellence 2007

GainSpan was among the 12 winners selected to receive these awards from over 153 nominees and 28 finalists from around the world. The awards were given away in the four main categories of Delivery Model Innovation, Product/Service Innovation, Business Innovation, and Process Innovation, apart from four jury awards.

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