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F.R.E.S.H Integrated Circuits

Introducing Unique Technology to Worldwide Markets

In ever changing world of global economy there is a room for a new type of representative organization. No more traditional "paper pusher", "order collection" type of organization, but group of highly skilled, well trained and motivated personnel, managed by people that understand the local market needs and directions as well as the worldwide trend in specific areas.

FRESH Integrated Circuits Ltd is such a company. We are dealing exclusively in offering special IC solutions for specific niches of the Israeli Electronics Industries.

We are representing vendors with products aimed for specific applications: IDM and FSC's from the IC design and manufacturing, Networking, Security, Military from the OEM's side.

We are well placed and connected at all levels of local customer's organizations from CEO to the relevant design engineers, buyers, components engineers. Our visibilities of the customer's projects are both timely and full.

We understand customer's needs and key requirements and are capable to design in and sell our vendors products or services based on key features. We are capable of supporting our customers during the entire design/engineering/qualification/production cycle and have an excellent tracking record. From the vendor side we are capable of providing them with complete picture and understanding of the specific project and by thus to increase the probability of winning the socket.

We can provide customers auxiliary services during all the stages of product definition, design, productization and production.

F.R.E.S.H - The Fresh View of Sales & Marketing of Integrated Circuits.